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Jeans add, Minsk

‎”Changes begin from you” – jeans add, Minsk (by Katerina Shatavo)       Advertisements

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Fotoshop by Adobé

This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty. Full post here with behind the scenes:

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Andrej Pegic, an androgyne model, in push-up bra ad poster

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Strong men crying

‘Crying Men’ is a collection of photographic portraits of famous film actors by Sam Taylor-Wood showing what it looks like when Hollywwod men cry.

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Controversial artist Katarzyna Kozyra, Poland

The famous polish videoartist Katarzyna Kozyra visited a bathhouse for men, disguised as a man – nobody could see that she actually was a woman. Then she filmed with a hidden camera the behavior of men in this single-sex environment. … Continue reading

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Claude Cahun

Claude Cahun (25 October 1894 – 8 December 1954) was a french artist, photographer and writer. Her work was both political and personal, and often played with the concepts of gender and sexuality. She began making photographic self-portraits as early as 1912, when she was … Continue reading

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Можно ли изнасиловать жену? Is it possible to rape your wife?

В Международный день борьбы за ликвидацию насилия в отношении женщин в вечернем эфире TUT.BY-ТВ всесторонне разбирались со всеми аспектами гендерного насилия.  Об уголовных случаях насилия – изнасиловании – мы говорили с адвокатом Андреем Клещенком. Второй наш гость – председатель правления Международного общественного … Continue reading

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