“NO” Means “NO”

“NO” means NO.

“Not Now” means NO.

“Maybe Later” means NO.

“I Have A Boy/Girlfriend” means NO.

“No Thanks” means NO.

“You’re Not My Type” means NO.

“Fuck Off!” means NO.

“I’d Rather Be Alone Right Now” means NO.

“Don’t Touch Me” means NO.

“I Really Like You But …” means NO.

“Let’s Just Go To Sleep” means NO.

“I’m Not Sure” means NO.

“You’ve/I’ve Been Drinking” means NO.


“__________ ” means NO.


About genderprovocation

It doesn’t matter who you are: a man or a woman, a child, an adult, a gay… We are all people and have to respect each other rights. And gender equality is also our right! Even if gender roles, models and behavior look like provocation sometimes. Here is the blog of creative people from Belarus and Sweden who have decided to show gender variety and say that every person has the right to choose hisher own role. The Belarusian Youth Public Union “New Faces” and The Swedish organizations “Cultural Clinic” and an agency The Swedish Institute have put the beginning of this blog.
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